From a balcony, yard or urban garden up to a larger rural garden, I can help to create this into a personal space where you and your family can thrive alongside nature. Whether you want a full make-over, some new plants or advice on some small changes to make your space more sustainable, I always have time for a chat to see how I can help.

If you are a school, organisation or business that would like to create a space for your students, employees and/or visitors that adds to the sustainability and health of your site, I am keen to collaborate with you to make this happen. Think of spaces where you can grow your own tea, facades that support the climate management of your buildings, or low-maintenance kitchen gardens that grow food for your canteen or lunchroom. The best way to reduce your footprint is by getting things locally, why not start at your doorstep? As a bonus, spending your breaks in a pleasant natural space with stimulating fragrances, textures and colours can have a positive impact on mental health.


For a full design, I take all aspects of your site into account to come to a design that works both for you and your environment. You will be involved in every step of the process so the design will represent your household, and you learn about the basics of permaculture along the way. It comprises five phases which I have explained further in this blog post.

  1. Observation
    • I visit your site where we establish your wishes for the garden, take measurements and document the present situation.
  2. Analysis
    • Next I look at what this means for the design, create a basemap and include climate information.
  3. Outline design
    • This is the first draft of the placement of planting areas with key plants, structures and storage, water collection, composting and animal systems.
  4. Final design
    • Based on your feedback on the outline design I create a detailed map of the final plan.
  5. Realisation plan
    • A step-by-step plan with additional information about your plants to either do it yourself, work with me or a gardener and landscaper to create it.


Instead of full Permaculture garden designs, I can also help with sections of your garden, think of:

  • Add sustainable planting to your exisiting space.
  • Redesign a part of your garden.
  • Design container gardens for your courtyard or balcony
  • Plant a new border, raised bed, keyhole bed, etc.


If you have a space that you are happy with, but have specific problems or would like to see if you can make it more sustainable in any way I can visit you and provide advice on things such as:

  • Water management for your garden
  • Making you space more wildlife friendly
  • How to reduce maintenance needed


One of my core values is honesty and mutual respect and therefore I want to give some insight into how I charge for my services. The price for a full garden design starts at £320 and will be calculated based on the dimensions of your site and your requirements, as this informs the hours of work I will need to put into the project. I am always happy to chat – over the phone or video call – about a project you have in mind to give a free estimation and see how we can make it work (there’s a lot you can achieve even on a smaller budget!).

A final quote for your project is best made after the first site visit. The quote will include a breakdown of the costs and a payment scheme per phase.

For the custom consultancy projects, I will make an estimation based on the hours needed for each project.